Going to Work

What is the point of it all, in the bottom line world we live in today, the point of going to work seems to be lost on a lot of people.  For most it is a paycheck or a means to an end or a cultural norm.  I say all things are true on a minor scale but on the grander scheme of things, to look at what makes a happy person and thus a successful company, it is none of those things. 


There are two reason people work when you get down to the root of it all:  For personal growth and for social growth.  On the personal level, I’ve always made sure my employees gained something from work on a personal level.  I often find managers who do the opposite believing a paycheck is good enough.  If you want someone who does the bare minimum, it is good enough.  If you want someone who puts in 125% in crunch time, it’s not enough.  I’ve had people who would do almost anything for me because I created a work environment that made them feel alive and glad to be going to work every morning. 


On the other side is the social aspect.  Wal Mart for example is learning the hard way that it can’t just rely on price alone and is starting to think of ways to show it’s a positive force in the community.  Why?  Because a company is a part of the social fabric of a community.  Disrupt that fabric for the bottom line and it will come back to haunt you.  People don’t go to work to make the bottom line healthier, they go to work to DO something they feel is going to contribute. 


Give someone a cause they can believe in and FEEL, and they will go to work for you with more effort and passion than the person who is there for the paycheck.  The interesting thing is, a lot of companies understand this and pay great lip service to it, yet in practice, it’s not really there.  People are not that dumb, they know a corporate white lie when they see it.  It’s like a marketing promise, employees and candidates are your customers, try to pull one on them and it will cost you down the road.  There are thousands of stories about how some candidate got shafted by company A, years later they gave it to company A back in the form of denying them a critical sale or contract.  Is the white lie worth the risk?  I don’t think so.


I have a system that works very well that focuses on balance and honestly, want to hear more, just email me.

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