QP and Business Planning

As I have been studying quantum physics, I have learned a little theory in which scientist says that there are multiple streams of reality and we choose the one we want.  Which means we are in control, for the most part, of the outcome of what we choose?  That we pick the path we want and life arranges to make that path happen.  In business this is not a new concept, we do this as well, it’s called business planning.

In business planning we pick the outcome we want to have and then plan our path to create that outcome.  However there is a fundamental difference in what scientist have found and what business does.  Scientist found you have to allow for the unknown to become known, keep an open mind about how you get to your goal.  In business we often don’t do this, we pick our path and stick to it, often over looking better options that come along because of a ridged dogma.  What scientist have found is that, when we pick our path, we are assuming a path based on known information, but as we get to focusing on our goal, more information and possibilities to reach our goal will make themselves known to us.  Business people tend to limit their options to those known factors they planned for in the beginning; this means our plans don’t often work as we want them to.

Remember when Bill Gates, back in the 90’s said that the Internet is just a fad.  Fads come and go in a few years, a decade later, the Internet is still with us and stronger than ever.  You can not interact in modern society without being impacted by the Internet either directly or indirectly.  If we took the known possibilities when Gates made his comment, he was right, there was no way the Internet could have lasted more than 5 years with the known possibilities back then.  If we had listened to him, imagine all the possibilities we would miss out on.  For starters, you would not be reading this, blogs were not around.  200 gig hard drives, flat panel screens, planning your trip, sending photos to friends in picture quality, the number of jobs and companies created.  To have limited ourselves to the known possibilities of the time would have denied us all these things.  Thankfully, some people were smart enough to dream the possibilities and be open enough to see new possibilities making them known.  Recognize the potential of the synchronicity that presents itself.

I like to add an unknown factor in my analysis of a situation, this freaks people out a lot of the times.  They don’t like the unknown.  But the fact still remains, once you go down a certain planned path in business, new possibilities will arise and opportunities.  You have to be flexible enough to see them and weigh them.  I don’t see this a lot in business today, too many people seem to forget that risk and the unknown are actually took factors of capitalism that make capitalism what it is.  They want to have all factors known and planned, that’s communism, not capitalism.  People are afraid of the unknown, the possibility that your next big idea may come from that guy that doesn’t actually fit your ideal.  Risk and unknown factors that pop up, are not evil or bad, they are actually a good thing, unless you want to live in a communist system, them please do so and move to Cuba ASAP!

What the scientist have discovered and what I’ve known for a while is, these unknown factors that pop up along the way, are not really bad.  Most people seem to ego based to realized they don’t know everything.  When these new factors pop up, they don’t like it, often seen as a threat to this “perfect” model they created in their heads as to what something should be.  When in fact, often these new factors are part of their goal, an unknown making itself known to be used to reach the goal chosen.  The Romans were masters of taking advantage of these new factors, that’s why they were so strong for so long, when they stopped, they fell from power.  Roman’s knew how to take new opportunities, ways of doing things and technology to reach their goals.  They didn’t wait for the competitors to adopt or for the market to change, they realized “hey, this was not what we planned but this does seem to help us reach our goal more effectively than what we once thought was ideal, so lets change and adapt.”  Like I said, this isn’t new.

If people would stop and let go of the notion that they know it all up front and open up to new ideas, that small, zero cost factor, can take a business to new heights.  I’ve done it in the past, with almost no budget so I’m sure you can do it too, but if you want to know more, feel free to contact me.

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