Blog Bumping

What is a blog bump?  I’m getting emails asking that so I’ll explain.  Bumps are small commercials of 10-15 seconds, they are just long enough to have your name or tag line with a small big of audio and picture.  They are small marketing tools you can use just about anywhere.  So I decided to start posting some on here as a blog bump.  I could have just written an article but it was more fun to just make some.  It’s very easy, once I selected the pic and the audio file, it takes less than 2 minutes to make a blog bump. 

I have them hosted on youtube and could use them in other ways as well but with blogs becoming a wider accepted form of branding, I felt it was time to show a little blog branding of my own.  Plus, I like making videos and it was an great excuse to play around.

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