Fallacy of the Marketing Driven Company

I’m hearing a lot of buzz on the grapevine about “marketing driven companies.”  Basically I don’t think this is going to work in most cases because the root issue does not get addressed, upon closer inspection of their strategy.  Until the root issue is addressed, the problems will remain the same.


Why is a marketing driven company a fallacy?  It’s not that it’s wrong, in theory it is the right thing.  It is in practice I have the issue.  A lot of the companies saying this now, saw how the CPG’s operate on a heavy marketing focus, with 25% of their costs going to marketing.  So they want the same thing, they want to be in front of people with brand names that can be recognized by anyone on the street.  But CPG’s do that because the channels they work in are geared towards that particular approach.  A company that is B2B, really should not attempt this approach, it’s too hands off to maximize profit impact.  If I’m buying dry wall, I want good quality, I’m not really thinking about quality so much when I buy a Nike hat, it’s the look.  How people interact with the brand itself should be the focus, and all too often, it’s not!


Secondly, these companies are often still silo based.  They have profit centers, business units or departments and people work in those areas and rarely venture out of their comfort zones.  To be marketing driven, for such a company, is really just wasting everyone’s time.  The root issue is not being addressed at all, so sales or marketing driven, doesn’t matter. 

Marketing is an activity, not a department.  For a company to truly be a marketing driven company, it’s needs to be a client driven company.  Each contact point has a marketing element embedded in it to re-enforce the brand promise.  That is a marketing driven company and until companies do that, the root problem will still remain and they won’t actually truly be, marketing driven. 

Next, I plan to discuss metrics in marketing.  I’m still working on it, I thought I’d have a little fun with the approach.

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