Going Global?

I wanted to update my blog roll and was doing some research for a new service I am researching for my website.  It all focused on international business, that is, the actually process of doing business cross borders, not to be confused with globalization or political, economic or social issues of internationalization.  I was very surprised, I did a 10 page deep search on Google with various phrases and hardly found any blogs.  The ones I did find were either too basic in information or they just updated so infrequently that it they were not timely. 

This actually does surprise me, all the time there are plenty of articles about the importance of international business yet there is no one actually talking about it on a real day to day level on any blog that I could find.  Does that mean people really don’t care or is it that there are really so few experts out there? 

If anyone has any good blogs that deal with international business, let me know, I’m on the look out for them.  In the meantime, I guess I’ll try and switch a few topics of conversation on here to the area of international business to help.

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