Edward’s Employer Handbook Rules

Rule #1  Reward life skills and personal growth.



Doesn’t matter what field you are in, too few companies do this.  It’s all about the technical skills.  You know what, here’s a little hint, technical skills don’t mean a whole lot if the person is not a developed person all around.  Bad people do bad work, and good people do good work, regardless of degrees or career pedigree.



Life skills and personal growth are very under rated skills in the world of business.  Few people put any value on the skills someone learns through personal growth.  Frankly those are the skills that really matter at the end of the day.  Personal growth means facing oneself, warts and all and really learning what it means to be who they are and develop their unique abilities.  Those are skills you just can’t teach in school or in a company management program.  They are learned by getting kicked, or thrown to the wall a few times by life.  The kind of soul searching a person is forced to do in such situations is priceless and if they come out a better person, you would be very wise to snatch them up.



There is a value to this kind of personal growth and the lessons found in them that you just can’t get from books, courses or work experience.  The value you can gain from those life skills will pay off.  I remember a guy I hired, didn’t have the degrees or work experience but he had some really tough life lessons and he used to develop really well as a person and I saw that in him.  He ended up being the top sales guy.  He didn’t have any industry experience or sales experience, but he knew himself better than any degree or experience in a career could have taught him.  That’s real value that produced real results.

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