Say Hello To the Future!

The MiniCATS are a car that we have always been promised by the science fiction people and finally, someone made it a reality, today!  Moteur Developpment International (MDI) has developed the first car that runs on air.  Yes that’s right, AIR!  And get this, the base model is only $10,500, far cheaper than the current hybrids on the market that are often priced hiring than their fossil fuel counter parts.  This car could be the wave of the future, not just for auto consumers but for business as well.



MDI is a
Luxembourg based company and developed an engine than runs on compressed air or a duel engine that runs on fossil fuel and compressed air.  The cars are small, more for the European city streets than the American highway system, but MDI is developing engines that are designed to work for the bigger American cars and plans to have those ready in two years time.



The real benefit to a business is that if MDI is right about the performance of its current model, the savings for a business who needs a fleet of cars, could be very advantageous.  The cars seat 5 and have a range of 100 to 200 miles depending on traffic conditions.  It uses vegetable oil for lubrication and only needs an oil change every 30,000 miles.  So lets say that oil change costs you about the same as your typical 3,000 mile oil change for a gas powered car.  So that’s about 10 oil changes for the gas powered car.  Lets say each costs around $20 for a total of $200.  That’s a $180 saving per car over those 30,000 miles. 


The cost for driving around should be around 60 miles on $1 of air and a tank can hold $3 of air.  It will be pretty hard even for the best hybrid to match that.  With a gallon of gas far above $1, even the best hybrids that get to 60 miles under very ideal conditions, will still cost you double in fuel costs to travel the same distance.  That in it self for any business should have dollar signs in your eyes, the cost of transportation on the company fleet of cars would give you a savings every time you use it.


Not to mention the PR and goodwill developed.  If you can boast that your fleet reduces the carbon footprint to almost nothing, that’s something people will think about when doing business with you.  A car that runs on air, with no bad bi products and uses vegetable oil for lubrication, any marketer would love to use that to demonstration community goodwill.


This is one technology to keep an eye on!  In fact, check out the commercial and consumer models already onsale by clicking HERE

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