Great Creative Commercials

It’s Good Friday and most people are settling in to the weekend holiday and probably not all that interested in a serious blog post.  So I thought I’d go light and just look at some ads I like from over the years.  I like them because they are funny or creative, but at the same time, they do show us something all marketers should focus on.  These ads get so creative that the brand and driver to get people to buy, gets a little lost in some of them.  It helps highlight the struggle between getting the customers attention and getting them to buy. 

In the 80’s, Wendy’s came out with this very funny ad.  It’s great at catching attention and kind of gets you to think about Wendy’s but not really.  But it is still a very funny ad even today.


Carlton Draught’s beer ad is next.  I mean wow!  What creativity, I love this ad, but honestly I don’t remember who they are after the ad and I don’t feel compelled to go out and buy some beer, actually I’d rather just watch the commercial than get the beer.

Honda has a great ad, it makes you want to see why this event is taking place, but at the end, there is zero compel factor to the commercial and the brand connection isn’t there either.  But it is still very creative.

Pro X Fade has a great commercial; frankly I think this is a great commercial.  If you understand the product they are selling, it makes a lot of sense and you get the brand connection.  If you don’t know, well then it just looks really cool.  But as an ad for a niche market, this one is not only creative, it works!

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  1. I don’t remember that Wendy’s commercial, and other than the shots of the burger, it doesn’t make me feel all that compelled to go to Wendy’s just to dress my burger. But, it does make sense – dressing yourself and dressing your burger. Maybe back in the ’80s when burger joints weren’t as flexible, this commercial would have had more impact on me.
    I have no idea what the Pro X Fade is for, but I did like the commercial. I’ve definitely never seen an intersection treated as a turntable! The other two videos didn’t work, unfortunately, so I don’t have an opinion on them.

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