Reputation Vs Brand – The Easter Experience

Well Easter is basically over for me, late at night and I’m getting ready for Monday.  I went out this year to a local restaurant for Easter; nobody really was in the mood for cooking this year.  So out we went to a steak house that is actually pretty good.  It has gained a great reputation for the food and service.


Today it was not so great on the food, the service was still great.  But everyone left feeling a little disappointed with the food.  The reputation suffered but did the brand?  That’s a hard question to answer because so often in businesses with limited brand lines, the reputation is so closely tied to the brand that there is often very little difference between the two.  The fact that the service was still top, helped to keep everyone saying, “well, maybe we should skip brunches there and just stick to dinners.”  So they didn’t really lose customers but the reputation did take a hit and as a result, the brand did as well.


It also really demonstrates why brands are such a hard thing to really nail down in terms of value.  You never know what is going to impact the brand in the eyes of the customer.  There is still a great deal of art in the brand process, an ability to really sense out your customers feelings and motives and being able to translate that into a tangible profitable brand.  This is going to be an issue facing anyone seeking to manage their brand.  Too much of the brand is in the mind of the consumer to really be able to pin point what a brand really means to someone and thus your bottom line and company reputation.

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