Web Overhaul and Going Beyond your Limits

I have not been updating the blog lately because I have been working on my website with a total overhaul.  The entire look, purpose and feel is going to be changing, so this is taking up a lot of my time as I try and understand what it is I want and how it all fits together.  But it is a great exercise; I am not a programmer.  I do know the basics, HTML, a little javascripting and XML, but it’s not my passion. 


As non-tech people in marketing try to market, we often get frustrated by the tech people and their constant telling us that we can’t do this or that.  I think every marketer should try and maintain their own website so they know what it is like to use code, even if just a little.  In fact, no matter what area of business you are in, I think it is important to spend time on the ground in the areas your work touches, directly or indirectly.


I remember when I started out back at my first job.  They sent me to the warehouse for my first week.  There I was, all dressed up to start in the office working logistics and I was in the warehouse packing orders.  It made sense when I got to my desk job how valuable that week in the warehouse was.  In that short time I learned how long it took for orders to get put together and how they were packaged in the warehouse.  So when a sales rep tried to sell one of something that came in bundles, I knew why they were bundled and why the customer had to buy the whole bundle.


I wish all companies did this, too often people get so fixed in their own little corner of the world, they don’t really understand how others are impacted by their actions.  For example, I was watching Fox News the other day and some guy from Capitalist Pig Investments was on TV talking about how great it is we have illegals in the US, how we are helping people out.  That’s one way to look at it, but we let in 1-2 million people each year, in that same time, 80 million replace them in the developing world.  We can’t help all of them with the current model.  Add to that, the infrastructure here gets used up at a faster rate and capital must be used to build more schools and repair roads, then you have the issue of inflation.  Not everyone lives by the bottom line of spreadsheets.  If this guy on Fox saw that, he’s realize his view causes more harm in the long run than it helps.  Do you think those 80 million in the developing world feel better?  I know they don’t.


If we actually cut the flood in and created a flood out to build industries in developing nations that compliment our industries, we would have a much better situation.  We could help those 80 million and keep our own country from falling behind due to the over burden of social services. 


So yeah, something like a simple website overhaul does connect to the greater picture of things.  If we choose to step back and really see the picture and not the hype.  And most news stories are more hype than reality.

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