Chinese Products In the News Again

As I said in my last post, it would not be long before another situation with Chinese products being bad for consumption, arises.  The FDA this week announced that the same ingredient found to have killed numerious pets, was found in feed for chickens, hogs and farm raised fish.  All of these ingredients were traced back to China, which for the first time, also admitted it is the source.

 So far the FDA has only tested one fish farm and a few hog and chicken farms, saying the risk to humans is low.  But with the low number of tested farms, I highly recommend you avoid such products until more tests have been done.  This is also a good example of why we need better quality checks and to move away from the trust system of inspections.  Now not only are pet food makers hurting, but I’m willing to bet my lunch money that we will soon see the impact on farmers as well.

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