Possible Posioned Toothpaste From China

According to this NY Times article, toothpaste that has ingredients found in antifreeze is showing up in toothpaste suspected of being from China.  Diethylene glycol, used to replaced glycerin, is the ingredient in question, the very same one that has killed over 100 people in Panama from a shipment from China used in cough medicine.  So far reports in Panama, the Dominican Republic and Australia has come up with the suspect toothpaste all with a high probability of China being the source. 

If this is linked back to China, it will be another example of how China has failed as a trading partner.  If your vendor does not supply you with quality products, you do what any free market company does, you find another vendor to supply you with quality products.  If you are in the business of supplying quality healthy products, and this case proves to be linked to China again, you have no excuse not to look.  In fact as a shareholder, I would consider it poor executive decision making to continue to use Chinese ingredient vendors.  The lawsuit payouts for when you get hit will exceed any savings. 

  International Herald Tribune Article

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