US Company Labels Products “China Free”

I wrote about how this would be something companies would do in the not so distant future and it has already started.  Food for Health International, based in Orem, Utah has launched their line of “China Free” products for humans and pets.  This was a direct move in response to the fears of contaminated products sourced from China.


It will be interesting to see if others will follow Food for Health International in this trend.  I certainly hope so; information is always good for the consumer.


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3 responses to “US Company Labels Products “China Free”

  1. kunzilla

    I believe such measures should be taken. It will somehow force the Chinese government to do something at least. China’s economy is now mainly exporting focused. If that line is somehow disrupted, the country will suffer big time.

  2. do you have a list of vitamin c that is china free?
    Now I am afraid to buy it if it came from china.
    I don’t want anything from china.

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