Hello AIG

Seems that little article on AIG got some attention.  Hello to whoever it is from AIG who has paid many a visits yesterday and the day before.  Did you find what you were looking for?  Yes I can see you, and I can see you visited quite often, about a dozen times in a 24 hour period, that is, a dozen times an AIG address visited here, not sure if it is all the same person.


I wonder, did you find this on a feed or do you have sniffer programs set to find anything that mentions AIG?  Whatever the case, it would have been nice to see some feedback from you guys, since you were here so many times.  I actually have a number of classmates that work at AIG, I don’t talk shop with them but can’t say they volunteer to talk about work either. 


Might I make a little suggestion, if you are going to go rifle through someone’s blog and look at all their stuff, engage in dialog.  This is what I was referring to when I first wrote about you, which I might add, I was very light on you.  I could have gone into detail but that really wasn’t the point.  That would take up far too much time and I have a lot of other topics I wish to hit upon.  But, your constant visiting with no dialog, kind of shows what I’m talking about and maybe I should go into detail in the future.


I’m part of your PESTEL analysis.  I’m one of those external forces that can impact your business and brand image.  So yes, I actually do matter.  Someone in your marketing department should be engaging me to understand the perception of the market place, like your competitor did, Mr. Grobler who posted a nice comment and brought his company to my attention, which I hadn’t known about before.  I learned something new by that, I like that. 


See, brand and marketing is about engaging the market, which you failed to do this time.  You came, numerous times, looked around a lot and said nothing.  We live in a web analytics world, everyone who pays attention to their traffic, checks who is coming and why.  That’s why I have an article on Vitamin C not produced in China, I get one or two hits a day for that here, it’s something people wanted, and so I gave it to them.  Customer satisfaction drives profits and drives business.  Profit centers don’t drive business, profit center managers, don’t drive business, customers do.  And perception drives customers and it is blogs like this that help shape perception.  And you have to engage the market to actually know what they want and you haven’t done that to the extent that will help you when a really serious player comes along to take your lunch.  Don’t think just because this is marketing lite, that I don’t know your business or what I’m talking about; I keep this simple for a reason. 


So if you come back to read this, my email is in the About the Author section. 

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