The Wall Street Journal Gets it Wrong on China

The Wall Street Journal in its article Watch Out for the China Bashers, demonstrates it is completely out of touch with the average consumer.  It states that the recent concern over China has nothing do with recalls, it’s because China is an economic competitor.  Wrong!  The pet owners don’t really care, they care that their pet was sick or is still sick or dead.  The families of 500 people killed or made seriously ill by the poisonous cough syrup from China sent to Panama, don’t care about the competitiveness issue, the see their family members seriously ill or dead.  The parents who bought toys for their kids are not concerned about competitiveness they are concerned about the safety and well being of their child being compromised by a toy!  

 The WSJ totally dropped the ball on this one, it is not about competition, the average person on the street doesn’t care, they want a safe environment that allows them to pursue their goals with products that are safe.  If it was a competitive issue, nobody would by China made products except those in China!  People would make their purchasing decisions based on location and only buy local products that ensure their economy is always on top!  Companies wouldn’t go to China because nobody outside of China would buy the products and it would be a money loser.  The WSJ should know better, perhaps the writer of the article should get out on main street a bit more before writing.  It looks more like a theory piece than one grounded in the realities of on the ground conditions.  Which are, people are concerned with safety and global competitiveness rarely if ever gets in the mind of the consumer when making a purchase.  With real wages falling in the US, the question most consumers think about when making a purchase is on price, not global competitiveness.    

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