2008 New Year Resolutions

It’s the new year!  I hope the new year brings positive benefits to all, at least those that deserve it.  😉  To help make 2008 a better year, I have a few suggestions I would like to put forward to help make the year go more smoothly for all of us, so that we may have less stress in our lives.


Everyone should take a stress management course

I think people are way too stressed out; everyone should sign up for Tai Chi, yoga, meditation or whatever and learn to relax!  I’m all for the government subsidizing free 1 hour massages every week!  Sign me up for the deep tissues hot rock massage please!  But seriously, people are way to serious about themselves, relax, if you can’t, learn.


Ignore special interest groups

Aren’t we all human beings, in the same boat?  So why even bother with these snobby people who think their group is “special.”  Lets ignore them, hell lets ban them as lobby groups, maybe we can actually have a real presidential debate that way.


Keep the planet clean

If you do or do not believe in global warming, doesn’t matter to me.  We have one planet, can we all agree to try and keep it clean?  There isn’t some cosmic dump we can send our garbage and pollution to, we are stuck with it, so lets not make a big mess.  It’s like your home, generally if you make a mess, you have to clean it up.  Lets not make the mess in the first place, that way we won’t have that much to clean up later.


Buy Consciously

Can this be the year, we as consumers decide we are not just going to buy what is on the shelf because it is there?  Demand quality in product and services and ditch those who don’t offer, if we all do this, companies will actually have to do what they claim they do to ensure quality, won’t that be a new concept after the year of recalls.

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