Glorifying Information

We live in the “Information Age” where we are flooded with information.  We have more information than we know what to do with and it seems that this has created a situation in many circles, where information for the sake of information is given high importance over actually doing something with the information.


In almost any subject or organization, gathering information is much like a false idol.  People spend their days gathering information on the belief that, the more information they have the more of an expert they are on a subject.  Our information age as created a buffet of information for many, they can spend all their time feed on information, gathering more and more, once they have finished one piece, just get up and grab another and tell everyone around you about all the cool facts and figures you know which you feel makes you sound smart.


The problem with this is that, it creates a buffer from what really allows a person to truly understand a subject.  At some point, the serious student of any subject will have to take the information and apply it via action.  It is only through disciplined application do you truly experience the importance of information.  To just gather it, is selling yourself short of the value that information can bring.

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