Best Buy Sued for $54 Million over Lost Laptop

Raelyn Campbell is my consumer hero of the month.  She had enough of Best Buy showing just how bad their service can be and sued them for $54 million.  It is very extreme but unfortunately based on my experience and the experience of others; this is pretty much the only way to get Best Buy to respond to your needs and their service promise.


I think it is time consumers’ show that they will not tolerate breaking of service promises.  Best Buy in their own commercials promise be best service and best products.  Yes I will agree they have a nice selection in some categories, but the service, very much lacking in pretty much every category.  And I happen to live near a “model store” so I can only guess how bad it can be at a poor performing store. 


I hope more consumers follow Raelyn’s example and speak up and take action when a company does not keep their service promise.  After all, the service premium is built into every product so you are paying for it, you should get it what is promised.

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