Monsanto Strikes at Ben and Jerry’s

I don’t eat Ben and Jerry’s ice cream, just not my thing, so I don’t have a dog in this race.  I do however applaud them for informing consumers about the quality of their products and the quality of their ingredients particularly if the milk comes from cows with hormones and antibiotics.  I like that and wish more companies would do that.  But then along comes Monsanto that for some reason feels that informing consumers is a bad thing.


A “farmers group” backed by Monsanto (that’s spin for, Monsanto partner farmers who would lose money if you knew which was which milk) say it unfair that you know what is in your milk, that it creates a bias.  Well, if Monsanto and these farmers feel their product is so safe, why not show us the studies?  Why not open up their farms and show us how safe their milk is?  But they don’t.  They don’t have independent labs test either.  So if their milk is so safe, why are they not doing what is expected in a capitalist system and show us why their products is better?  Maybe because they know we know better than to fall for it and ignorance is the only way they can sell their chemical soup they label as milk.


I wouldn’t buy from Monsanto because they don’t’ know what capitalism is all about.  The best product wins and that means informing consumers so the market can decide what is best.  Monsanto knows it has a bad product and doesn’t want to play by the rules; they don’t want you the consumer to be able to make up your own mind.  Of course if you don’t follow Monsanto’s made up rules, they sue the day lights out of you.  Be a good consumer, don’t buy their products. 


If these hormones are so safe, why are they banned in Canada, Japan and the EU?  Monsanto hasn’t answered that question and until they do, you have no reason to trust them. Use your consumer voice and demand more labeling and more choice.  We are told free trade and globalization is good for consumers because it gives us more choice, so why doesn’t that hold true for milk labels? 

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