No Retirement for Baby Boomers

This USA Today article really makes me shake my head.  So now after spending the last 20 plus years laying off boomers for being too old, now people want them for the “experience.”  At least that’s how the article writes it.  The reality is, businesses want the best labor for the lowest cost.  What is a great way to do this, keep the boomers in the market, now you have Boomers, X and Y all competing for the same jobs, throw in a few hundred thousand H1B’s, green cards and millions of illegals and you have a great recipe for stagnant wages.


I feel sorry for the boomers, they knew this train wreck was coming and did nothing, and as is common in America, we react to a crisis when it is sitting on top of us, not when we saw it coming a mile away.  Eventually this is going to cost us a lot more money than it should have in the long run because we failed to do anything about it when we had the chance.


And business or government is just doing what they do, it’s the workers that need to wise up and realize what’s going on.  Businesses are socialist by nature, yes I know, we all think they are conservative but that’s not actually true when you take the time to look.  Businesses love regulation as long as it is regulating someone else.  It cuts down on competitive pressures.  Businesses also loves it when the government does their work for them, in this case, keeping costs down by keeping boomers in the market longer.  So don’t expect these groups to make any changes, it’s just not in there basic interests.


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2 responses to “No Retirement for Baby Boomers

  1. Is that good or bad for our boomers. I will added it to The boomer on the site may discuss it.

  2. I agree, but not all boomer sat by and let things pass them by. The smart ones have moved on from the big companies, come out of retirement and are now consulting with their experience. I see it more and more every day.

    The really problem is that all of these companies wanted to get rid of the boomers not realizing that the gen-x’s weren’t ready for management. Now they’re scrambling.


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