Censorship Rising in Europe

Just when you thought the fascist had left Europe, along comes the Internet and filters and the “just trust us” censorship police.  In a very good cause, the police decided to filter out harmful content such as child porn.  Great, no problems with that.  However, there were no filters on the filters, essentially it was a “just trust us that we are doing the best job.”  But it was found out that the system was being abused and far from going after child porn, the police were going after people they didn’t like who had nothing to do with child porn.


This is really sad and the ones that lose out are the victims of child porn.  Instead of using the filters for what they were intended, to stop a very horrible crime against innocent kids, the police instead use it against people they just don’t like.  On the list were found NGO’s, journalist and non porn sites that for whatever reason, the police just didn’t like.  This is abuse of power and the real victims are the kids who the police should have been protecting but failed to do so.


My European friends keep telling that Europeans are so much more enlightened than Americans, one more example of how that is just a myth.  I sure hope we don’t have to bail them out again when they let another crazy dictator run amuck over there.

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One response to “Censorship Rising in Europe

  1. You will have to bail us out after Europe has become an arab territory where the freedom of speech and life is butchered in the name of political correctness.

    Sorry. 😦

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