Man Fired over Dilbert Cartoon

This is one of those things that can only happen in a politically correct work environment.  A man gets fired for posting a Dilbert cartoon which makes fun of management.  Then the company tries to stop him from getting unemployment benefits too!


Seriously, some people need to lighten up big time.  It’s a cartoon!  Was it professional, probably not but I doubt it was done with the kind of hate and desire to inflict harm towards management as the company claims.  Plus if management is that thin skinned, they probably shouldn’t be in management.  I can just see the conversation where they guy gets fired and they talk about how they have “zero tolerance for intolerance,” which I always find amusing because that in itself is intolerant and insensitive. 


Management would have been far better off to just talk to the guy, say “hey, we are under a lot of stress, this just isn’t helping now, can you not put it up?”  Instead, they made a mountain out of an ant hill and are now the true butt of the Dilbert cartoon jokes as the writer of the cartoon is now using the situation in the actual strip.


Another great example of what happens when you stop acting human and put PCism first; you look stupid to everyone else.  Seriously, chill out people.  It would be nice if humanism were the way to be professional, act human, treat others decent, stop punishing people who say things you don’t like and realize it’s you not them that has the issue.  This company would have been better off if they had; this probably never would have gone beyond their own doors.  I wonder who much business they lost as a result of this, I’m sure the number isn’t zero.

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