Spielberg Attacked by China

So China is using its state run papers to attack the director because he pulled out of helping them with the Olympics over the Darfur situation.  China has a lot of pull over the government of Sudan, and Spielberg put his beliefs where he feels they count.  I applaud him for that.


Whom I don’t applaud is the Chinese government for what is really childish.  Instead of saying what they think they hide behind their state run press to attack Spielberg, at least Spielberg said what he thinks out loud.  Added to that, instead of taking responsibility like a growing nation, it instead pointed fingers at the west and what it can do.  That smacks of immaturity and the director was right to back out and not support such a government who will not take ownership for its own actions.  China is not a small nation, it should be held responsible for its actions just like Germany, Japan or the US.  In fact, it would be good if the sponsors of the games would follow the directors lead and walk. 

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