Non US Site Shutdown for Offering Cuba Trips

So the New York Times feels it is horrible that a Brit had his sites shut down for selling trips to Cuba.  Of course the angle is free speech and the US government can’t do this, etc…  The basics are, a Brit living in Spain ran a few travel sites to Cuba on .com domains.  The US government didn’t like this and shut the sites down.  The argument is that the US government has no jurisdiction as the sites were not in the US.  But that’s wrong.

What most people fail to realize is that .com is a US domain, so the US does have rights over all the domains in the .com realm.  Doesn’t matter where that site is based, because the .com domain is managed in the US so guess what, you have a .com, doesn’t matter where you are, you are still under US law.  A lot of non US based people don’t seem to realize that .com is for the US, that other countries have their own.  Now if this Brit went with, that’s another story, no US jurisdiction so he would be save there.  So yeah, on this one I think the government was in its rights to do what it did.  Now, was it a valuable use of tax payer money, that’s another issues all together!

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