Secrets, we all have them. I generally don’t have many issues with other people’s secrets, people seem to like telling me their secrets for reasons I still don’t actually understand. However I was recently faced with a person that was holding secrets from me and when found out; they reacted in a rather hostile way. As if it were my fault they were lying to me. Of course it was not but some how people always find a way to blame someone else when caught in a lie and their secret gets put out. Of course I didn’t see a problem with knowing their secret, but they apparently did.

I to have secrets, like my love of tango, yeah, I love tango, I have a bunch of tango albums at home, listen to it alone in the car, pretty much nobody knows I enjoy the music and find the dance to be really interesting even though I’ve never tried it myself. I like the new style, the mix of tango with other genres like electronica. I guess I don’t have a problem with my secrets because it is a little pleasure of life I enjoy to myself, if you know, so what, I’m still going to crank it up while driving alone in my car. Probably more to do with the fact that I have no moral issues with my secret, I find when people get hostile about their secrets it is because deep down they know they are wrong.

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