Psychics In the Boardroom

This Newsweek article I saw today struck me with some interest. It is about a particular psychic or intuitionist as she prefers to be called, and her relationship with big corporations in America. Psychics are nothing new, the fact that American businesses are being open about it, is.

A few years ago, I saw an article in European Business Magazine that said something to the order of 25-40% of European companies use psychics on a regular basis. Anywhere from major strategic moves to weather or not to hire someone. I wasn’t all that surprised honestly, although the companies that used it for employee issues did get in some hot water. It’s a bit tough to justify firing someone just because some psychic tells you too and you have no other reason or cause, that doesn’t fly in most European countries.

In the US, I find that we generally have a stigma to such things as psychics; a lot of people do not want to admit to being a little interested in the idea of someone reading them. So it was a surprise to read about American companies doing this.

Generally I am open to the idea of psychics, if they are real, of course there are lots of scammers out there that know how to work a crowd. So that doesn’t help either. But getting away from the idea of psychics, I think this speaks to the broader issues of intuition in business. I think intuition for the most part is under utilized in most companies. We rely on facts and stats and all kinds of fluffy powerpoint presentations filled with nonsense that sound nice. But to be honest, some of my best ideas that made the most money were total intuition. I had no proof of concept, just a gut feel it was going to work and they did. One such idea lead to 25% revenue growth in 2002, when our competitors were seeing 20% revenue declines. If I had done the stats and figures with the fluffy powerpoint, I would have ended up like my competitors.

I think business people who take the time to learn to listen to true intuition and inspiration, won’t need a psychic. As in my last post, I mentioned how intention comes from the sub conscious, well, intuition comes from there too. Our sub stores all our memories, thoughts and ideas, maybe in that process our conscious mind is not aware that our sub did all the analysis in the background and said “here, do this and stop complaining, you are giving me a headache, take this idea and you won’t have this problem you are worrying over anymore.” Nobody knows, maybe that’s what does go on. I’m being humorous on that, but I have found, the most successful and often interesting people, do rely on their intuition in business. The boring people, who don’t, just play politics because they have nothing better to do with their time.

In any case, I hope such articles get people to see they have more than the rational side to them. The more I do research on the brain, the more I learn this side we often neglect in business. Mainly because people just don’t trust those they work with, which is another issues all together.

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