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Reflecting on Stress

I found myself with more free time this month than I had expected. As a result, I have been catching up with my reading. It is funny how many books I have laying around un read or half read, just waiting for me to finish. The really interesting aspect is how often I buy a book months in advance and later, seemingly at the right time, I get around to readying it. Kind of cool how that works.

Lately, I have trying my best to relax and unwind; the funny thing is how this actually stresses me out. It is interesting how the things that are suppose to help free us, often are the things that cause us to be trapped in some way.

So there I was, working out, meditation, taking walks in the woods along the river, taking afternoon naps, engaging in hobbies, etc… But all this was stressing me out! I found myself captive to my choices. This was odd, isn’t this suppose to help me relax, not cause more stress? So this got me thinking, in work I find that people often get burned by the very things that they think will free them. Could this be happening to me too?

In business, I see people do this all the time, they play politics, only to get destroyed by it, they play it safe only to lose to faster competitors, they take advantage of people only to be taken advantage of. We do this to ourselves all the time. I remember when a Chair, I saw hundreds of companies, all claiming to be different and unique. They were more similar than anything else because they focused on the same thing, fear of failure so that’s just what they got, failure. So what happens?

What happens is, we become the very thing we identify with. I’ve heard people say “everyone play’s politics here,” next thing you know, that’s what they are doing too, they may say they hate it, but they are doing it none the less. So there I was, trying to avoid being stressed and yet I became what I was saying I didn’t want.

In the end, I came the conclusion that most people are never truly in control of themselves. We jump from one thing to the next to find a solution to “save” us. Businesses do this too, every new fade comes along to save them, I can’t tell you how many times I have seen this, I shake my head at it. It doesn’t work! In time resentment is the outcome. This is no way to live nor run a business.

So what’s the answer? I would say, but I really don’t care for the hate mail. It’s not bad or anything it is just not what most people like to hear nor do I think most people are ready for it. I guess if you are ready, you already know or will know by your own methods, so I will leave you to explore on your own. All I will say is, for the vast majority, you will have to give up your usual ways of finding solutions, but I don’t’ think that is so bad, most methods don’t actually work anyway.

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Great Qoute

Seen properly, what is any dark mental or emotional habit – such as fearfully trying to proect ourselves from “may be” – other than the unconscious practice of perfecting what punishes us?

Guy Finely

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