AIG Bailout

As I am sure you can guess, I am not happy with the bailout of AIG.  They are not being forced to feel the pain and so the dollar may feel the pain as a result.  This was a bad move.  Protect the policies but not the managers, they showed they do not deserve to money they earn.  Hey, so much for the “We Know Money” slogan!  Told you they didn’t get it.

Anyway, I am still waiting for the dust to settle to do the post analysis, of which I assure you will be worth the read.  The only one’s who were happy today were AIG employees who now get paid thanks to the bailout.  The markets drop of 450 points on top of the 500 earlier this week, shows nobody else is happy.

Since we own their butts, I would like to put in place a pay for performance salary policy and $7 an hour wages at AIG.  That way, we get our $85billion back faster before they benefit.  Once we get our money back they can go back to what they were making but not while my dime is paying for their stupidity.

I was right about their fall, trust me, if they screw us over, the dollar will fall and then who is going to bail us out?  Here’s a hint, nobody.  Do you think the Chinese, Russians or Europeans are going to help?  Don’t hold your breath.  Most would enjoy watching us go down.  Of course if we go, they go, but they dont’ see that until it already is too late. 

I’d also like to thank the AIG employees who come to my blog to the tune of 50 a day.  Since I’m your new boss, please get your ass back to work and stop surfing the net!

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