About the Author

Echenard is a marketing and operations executive who loves to take cutting edge ideas and bring them to organizations that wish to out perform their markets and deliver fantastic experiences to their customers. With experience in North and South America, Asia, Europe and parts of the Middle East and Africa, he combines his unique understanding of cultures and business practices with solid bottom line performance. His goal is to bring forth new ideas in marketing and branding, demonstrating that marketing can go beyond its current limits and be a true driver of business, measurable in performance and profits. Echenard writes about marketing, branding, leadership and strategy, with a focus on new ideas. His belief is that success comes from doing business different and better.

2 responses to “About the Author

  1. Travis

    advertising inquiry:https://echenard.wordpress.com/


    I’ve recently looked over your site and believe that your reader-base and visitors might be a possible advertising venue for us.

    I am interested in traditional link advertising as well as using link “blurbs” on certain pages of your site, or on certain articles – perhaps even submitting articles. This includes but is not limited to purchasing a post also. We are open to any idea that would allow us to capture interested readers, but would prefer to avoid the traditional “Ads by Google” and “Sponsored Links” sections.

    Please let me know if you’d be open to discussing advertising possibilities further.

    Thanks in advance,
    National Techmark

  2. Enjoyed your site. Do you have any comments or suggestions about my web site, http://www.StayingYounger.com. I would love to find a way maybe we could network together.

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