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Oil Subsidies

Something most people don’t focus on when it comes to our high gas prices, is the role of fuel subsidies. I’m not talking about in the US but in China and India. These countries, along with many oil producing countries, subsidies the price of oil. This creates an artificially higher demand than actual supply would naturally allow if they were to float these commodities naturally as is done in most modern countries.

The simple solution is to have these countries stop and allow the price to settle in at a natural supply and demand point. Oil I am sure would fall as most Chinese and Indian’s, and Russians or Venezuelans, cannot afford to pay $4 a gallon and would fall out of the oil market all together. This would mean the artificially high demand would go away.

The problem is, these countries will not do this without some substantial pressure from the outside and I do not think the will by Europe and the US is there to create such pressures. Beyond that, the other options do very little to curb this artificial demand. You can impose surcharges on imported goods or some other measure but they would do very little in the long run.

The only way to move away from this is to create more choice in fuel options. When you have competition, quality improves. If I were in charge of the government, I would be giving tax breaks and funding every alternative fuel source I can find. This will create more options and choices and as more people move away from oil to these other options, the demand on oil will go down and the need for it will as well. Those still dependent on it will find that prices will go down. Seems like a good solution, too bad no one in Washington can think up something so simple.


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New Hybrid Car

Volvo is working on a new hybrid called the ReCharge. Check out this link for the technical specs on it.

I think this is a great idea and it could get up to 160 mpg if they do this, the problem is, they won’t be ready for another 5 years. Most analysts on the sector give 18 months for automakers to switch to more fuel efficient cars. Volvo will be out of the loop in 5 years and late to the game. I would like to see them try to develop this car and launch it for the 2010 model year. The iron is hot, demand is high, I know I’d buy one; I think Volvo should reconsider their decision and launch this car as soon as possible.

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What Happened to Global Warming?

I think Canada and the US are probably the only industrialized countries doing something for the environment these days. In case you haven’t hear, Brazil is doing off shore oil exploration, Russia is giving tax breaks to company’s that do more artic oil exploration there, The EU announced recently they are building 50 new coal burning plants in the next 5 years and China is building one a week. Aren’t all these people concerned about the environment?

This is one of those fun facts of life. Europe for years has bashed the US for all our pollution, yet Europe is doing its very best to out do the US and pollute more, 50 new coal plants will do the trick. What happened to alternative sources of energy Europe? Where is that Euro Metrosexualism showing off in how green you are? I guess they realized that it was not a good idea to be energy dependent on the Russians who have a nasty habit of turning the faucet off whenever they get a bug up their butt. So, the environment takes a back seat to energy independence.

Of course Russia and Brazil are energy exporters and like a good dealer, don’t want to run out of supply so they continue to find more sources to ensure the world keeps on polluting.

Then you have China, who is exempt from the Kyoto treaty. So China goes around telling everyone we should go along with the Kyoto treaty, of course, they don’t have to change a thing! At one point last year they were producing 2 plants a week.

So, what’s going on, I thought everyone was all into the environment, stopping global warming and so on? It seems for Europe, global warming has its limits; energy independence trumps global warming concerns. For China, I don’t think they care about global warming or the environment, ever see the smog there or the “yellow sand” that falls on Korea and Japan from China; it is so toxic they have close down entire areas.

From what I can tell, pretty much Canada is doing its part and that’s about it. We in the US have not made any new oil refineries or pumped more gas so I guess you can say we are doing our part too. It is just funny that the biggest complainers about global warming (that would be Europe) would rather create more coal burning plants than say, geo thermo heating, or how about develop solar or wind or some other alternative fuel source. I guess I should not feel so guilty about driving a big car, after all, what I pollute is nothing compared to those 50 new coal plants.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not someone who says the environment is the only thing to worry about, we need to take care of people too. But I am just really surprised that Europe would go to coal, so much for innovation. If it were me, I would be going for geo thermo on all new construction sites, wind and solar, zero point energy systems etc… There are so many ideas out there, why not use them?

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IMF says $100 Oil is OK

The IMF once again shows how out of touch with everyday people they really are.  $100 oil is not ok for the global economy; we saw it at $80 and even $60.  If you go to some developing nations, you will find many cars that run on non oil based fuels.  Why?  They can’t afford to buy oil.  And this is before oil hit $100, this was back when oil was at $80.  So already a large portion of the world is priced out of the market.  The US consumer can’t last another 5 years of such prices.  When gas eats up $70 a week that adds up!  That means less goes into the real economy the true engine that drives the global economy.


Too many analysts have forgotten what really makes the world go around.  Oil doesn’t, oil is a piece of it, but when oil prices are out of alignment as it is now, the real engine starts to shut down.  Consumers can’t consume because they don’t have money.  And things that rely on oil get priced higher and higher.  And unlike the developing nations, for some reason, the will to create real viable alternatives just doesn’t seem to be present in the US or Western Europe.  Why?  I really don’t know, how can small island nations transition to biofuel and natural gas to power cars and we can’t with all our technology, already have real working solutions on the road being used by everyday people; just like those developing nations have now?  It’s shocking and shameful we as the technology leaders do not have working solutions and better engines on the road.  We have the technology, I guess we just lack the will.


The IMF is just way out touch on this one, it’s going to spell trouble if they and Wall Street don’t put down the sparkling water and realize it is Main Street USA, Canada, Germany, Brazil, Kenya, Japan, etc… that is the driver of this world.  It’s time we move away from oil, there are plenty of ideas out there to do this; we should be putting our money into those ideas.  From a practical point of view, it only makes sense; the current system makes less and less sense everyday.

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Looks Good But How Does it Handle on Snow?

In my continued search for a new fuel efficient car, I came upon this article of a futuristic looking car that is expected to get 300 mpg and cost around $30,000.


Hey, looks great!  I like that futuristic look.  It looks likes those cars in the sci fi articles from the past.  But it looks rather light; I wonder how it will handle on snow.  For me this is a big concern because the city where I live doesn’t seem to like plowing the road I live on, so it can be days before the street is plowed.  If this car can handle snow conditions, I would seriously consider it.  At 300 mpg, at $30k, you bet it would be an option for me!  Although, where do I put my groceries in that car? 


This is the kind of car that we should already be driving! 

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Car that Runs on Water

With gas being as it is, I have been researching a better way to fuel my car.  I came upon this website from a guy who claims to be able to run his car on water.


This is news to me, although I don’t think it could work where I live when it is -15F during the day.  I am still curious about such concepts.

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