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China Doesn’t Like US Doing What China Does

China wants the US to stop listening missions off the coast of China.  The thing is, China does this, the only difference is the method.  China tries to hack our networks all the time.  Second, the send people here to just steal information by working in companies. 


I’m sure most Americans would be happy to stop the missions when China stops its own.


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What Happened to Global Warming?

I think Canada and the US are probably the only industrialized countries doing something for the environment these days. In case you haven’t hear, Brazil is doing off shore oil exploration, Russia is giving tax breaks to company’s that do more artic oil exploration there, The EU announced recently they are building 50 new coal burning plants in the next 5 years and China is building one a week. Aren’t all these people concerned about the environment?

This is one of those fun facts of life. Europe for years has bashed the US for all our pollution, yet Europe is doing its very best to out do the US and pollute more, 50 new coal plants will do the trick. What happened to alternative sources of energy Europe? Where is that Euro Metrosexualism showing off in how green you are? I guess they realized that it was not a good idea to be energy dependent on the Russians who have a nasty habit of turning the faucet off whenever they get a bug up their butt. So, the environment takes a back seat to energy independence.

Of course Russia and Brazil are energy exporters and like a good dealer, don’t want to run out of supply so they continue to find more sources to ensure the world keeps on polluting.

Then you have China, who is exempt from the Kyoto treaty. So China goes around telling everyone we should go along with the Kyoto treaty, of course, they don’t have to change a thing! At one point last year they were producing 2 plants a week.

So, what’s going on, I thought everyone was all into the environment, stopping global warming and so on? It seems for Europe, global warming has its limits; energy independence trumps global warming concerns. For China, I don’t think they care about global warming or the environment, ever see the smog there or the “yellow sand” that falls on Korea and Japan from China; it is so toxic they have close down entire areas.

From what I can tell, pretty much Canada is doing its part and that’s about it. We in the US have not made any new oil refineries or pumped more gas so I guess you can say we are doing our part too. It is just funny that the biggest complainers about global warming (that would be Europe) would rather create more coal burning plants than say, geo thermo heating, or how about develop solar or wind or some other alternative fuel source. I guess I should not feel so guilty about driving a big car, after all, what I pollute is nothing compared to those 50 new coal plants.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not someone who says the environment is the only thing to worry about, we need to take care of people too. But I am just really surprised that Europe would go to coal, so much for innovation. If it were me, I would be going for geo thermo on all new construction sites, wind and solar, zero point energy systems etc… There are so many ideas out there, why not use them?

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Spielberg Attacked by China

So China is using its state run papers to attack the director because he pulled out of helping them with the Olympics over the Darfur situation.  China has a lot of pull over the government of Sudan, and Spielberg put his beliefs where he feels they count.  I applaud him for that.


Whom I don’t applaud is the Chinese government for what is really childish.  Instead of saying what they think they hide behind their state run press to attack Spielberg, at least Spielberg said what he thinks out loud.  Added to that, instead of taking responsibility like a growing nation, it instead pointed fingers at the west and what it can do.  That smacks of immaturity and the director was right to back out and not support such a government who will not take ownership for its own actions.  China is not a small nation, it should be held responsible for its actions just like Germany, Japan or the US.  In fact, it would be good if the sponsors of the games would follow the directors lead and walk. 

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China Selling you Counterfeit Computers

It wasn’t enough to poison our kids and our pets, now Chinese companies want to sell you counterfeit parts for your computer too.  The US and EU are actually cracking down on this one, which is telling in itself, cracking down on computer parts but not food, but that’s another blog post. 


As a fair trade capitalist, I think it is about time we slap some real penalties on China, they obviously do not want to play by the rules so do like you do in anything, penalize those that break the rules.  In hockey if you do unsportsmanlike conduct, you get thrown out, do the same to China, throw them out of the WTO until they learn that safety and brand promises are important aspects to a business and it is not for them to make money at all costs, some costs are not worth it, like a consumers health and safety.


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Mattel Lost in Translation

I was fairly neutral on the Mattel recalls, not really blaming Mattel but this was an interesting week, one that leaves me saying “hmmmm.”


First Mattel’s CEO apologized to the US congress for what he said were suppliers who went around Mattel’s safety measures and created bad products of lead and small parts.  Then the VP of International for Mattel just this week apologized to China for designing faulty products.  Wait, which is it, bad suppliers or bad design? 


This comes off as double speak in a big way and actually does more harm in the long run for Mattel because now you can’t trust them.  Which side of their mouth should you listen too?  They just shot their brand right in the head!  Lead paint is not bad design; Mattel should say that to the Chinese instead of bending over backwards.  If they designed things poorly, yes by all means apologize but is Mattel saying they designed their toys with lead paint being applied, in mind?  One could make that argument based on the apology given to the Chinese government.  Also doesn’t explain all the other bad products coming out of China so really this was just a bad move on Mattel’s part, really makes them look weak and more concerned with image rather than substance.


Then lets add in the 10% mark up on toys for “added safety.”  Wait a minute Mattel, if it was just a few rogue supplies or bad design, why are we paying more?

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A Year Without WalMart

I’ve been reading this wonderful blog here on WordPress called That’s Swell by a fellow blogger and her experience with giving up WalMart.  I particularly liked part II of the series as it talks about Sam Walton and how he was a real believer in Buy American and how after his death, the company took a dramatic change. 


Remember back then, we had NAFTA to worry about.  We had some companies already producing in China but it was so small, nobody really noticed.  The reflections on how times have changed in the last 15 years is amazing.  And something as small as stock prices of a discount retailer from Arkansas having that much impact on globalization and daily life for, millions if not billions around the world.  Cheap tainted goods for Americans and pollution and tainted goods for Chinese.  Was the stock price of Wal Mart worth it? 

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The Wall Street Journal Gets it Wrong on China

The Wall Street Journal in its article Watch Out for the China Bashers, demonstrates it is completely out of touch with the average consumer.  It states that the recent concern over China has nothing do with recalls, it’s because China is an economic competitor.  Wrong!  The pet owners don’t really care, they care that their pet was sick or is still sick or dead.  The families of 500 people killed or made seriously ill by the poisonous cough syrup from China sent to Panama, don’t care about the competitiveness issue, the see their family members seriously ill or dead.  The parents who bought toys for their kids are not concerned about competitiveness they are concerned about the safety and well being of their child being compromised by a toy!  

 The WSJ totally dropped the ball on this one, it is not about competition, the average person on the street doesn’t care, they want a safe environment that allows them to pursue their goals with products that are safe.  If it was a competitive issue, nobody would by China made products except those in China!  People would make their purchasing decisions based on location and only buy local products that ensure their economy is always on top!  Companies wouldn’t go to China because nobody outside of China would buy the products and it would be a money loser.  The WSJ should know better, perhaps the writer of the article should get out on main street a bit more before writing.  It looks more like a theory piece than one grounded in the realities of on the ground conditions.  Which are, people are concerned with safety and global competitiveness rarely if ever gets in the mind of the consumer when making a purchase.  With real wages falling in the US, the question most consumers think about when making a purchase is on price, not global competitiveness.    

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