Vitamin C Not Made in China, Updated

Ok, so some people want an update on the Vitamin C post.  It’s a bit dated, so this will help update the list.  For those of you who do not know, China produces the bulk of vitamin C in the world.  They got that way by the government of China subsidizing the production cost of vitamin C, allowing them to undercut everyone else on the market until they drove everyone else out of the market.  For your information, that’s a violation of the WTO of which they are a member of and are not suppose to do such unfair trade practices. 


This is in an update, so go read the old post and the comments and then read this one.  Don’t expect a long list since almost ALL vitamin C sold in the US, comes from China.  In all honesty, get your vitamin C from natural sources!  The Chinese in a Wall Street Journal article defended their practices of price fixing, they don’t want to play fair and they have proven to not care about your health. 


My best advice, advocate at the local, state and federal level for country of origin labeling for all products sold in the US.  Then you will know what you are getting and can make a real informed choice.


Here’s what I have found:


Vitamin C foundation 


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27 responses to “Vitamin C Not Made in China, Updated

  1. Melissa

    I have been hunting for vitamin c guaranteed not to have been made in China to take myself and to give to my pets. I also found that DSM Nutritional Products manufactures vitamin c in Scotland (the only maker left in Europe that I know of now). They closed their plant in the US in 2006 and consolidated operations in their more efficient Scottish plant. However, DSM does have offices in the US in New Jersey and does sell to vitamin/supplement companies in the US. It takes a little sleuthing to find one, but I have. Douglas Laboratories buys the DSM Quali-C (Scottish made vitamin c) but sells only to health care care professionals, not *directly* to the public. Douglas Labs website is here:

    A simple Google search will turn up some of the online sellers who have health care professionals (like chiropractors, doctors, or pharmacists) on staff and carry Douglas Labs vitamin c. I contacted 2 of them, neither of which I’d ever done business with. One in California:

    One in Florida:

    I emailed the one in Florida, and they went the extra mile for me in customer service and called Douglas Labs and confirmed that their vitamin c was indeed from Scotland. So I decided to order from Professional Supplement Center. I only ordered one bottle of 1000mg vitamin c tablets for $10 total. Free delivery. IMHO that is pretty competitive with the prices of Chinese vitamin c, so I don’t know why all the vitamin/supplement companies in the US are so set on buying ONLY Chinese vitamin c.

    In the last few weeks I have called or emailed MANY vitamin/supplement companies and people would be amazed at the justifications they have given me for their getting their vitamin c from China–when all I asked was WHERE they got there vitamin c. I said I was looking for vitamin c not from China and in some cases got these really long rather pompous email messages back, basically telling me I was wrong for wanting anything different than what they had!

    If anyone wants a list of all those I’ve contacted, I’d be happy to post it!!! This whole process has been VERY enlightening. Hey, one company even told me when I asked why they didn’t put country of origin of the ingredients on the label said, “because we don’t have to.” Nice huh?

    • Ted Johnson

      Thank you Melissa for all your hard work. I took have been looking for Vitamin C NOT made in China, and you have been more successful than me. I am going to call Douglas Labs to see if I can buy from them. Their website requires that you are a health care professional, but I hope they let me buy anyway. Thank you again.

    • Michael

      Good post, but beware of any idea labeling would help. Jamieson labels its vitami C “Product of Canada” yet confirmed to me that 100% of the contents comes from China. Our companies set out to deceive because the law allows them to. And now they have a Purity campaign claiming their vitamin C is from Scotland. We peasants cannot afford to sue for deception-and so they deceive.

    • could you please email a list of companies that sold Vit C from China

    • Hi everyone,

      I’ve set up an online store selling DSM’s vitamin C to the public because just like you, my search brought me to them as the only non Chinese certified GMO free manufacturer left in the West. I found one other reseller and I managed to sell at a quarter of his price.

      I’m working with a really low markup hoping to eventually get better prices as my volume increases. You can order from me at

  2. Lots of Fantastic information in your post, I bookmarked your site so I can visit again in the near future, All the Best

  3. I agree. I don’t want to support China and it is undeniable that the “customer” is not first in their policies or reactions.

    I hope Melissa keeps updated on this post as because of her great, detailed post, I decided to order the Douglas Labs Vitamin C (Still $10.00 for the pure C version) from the Florida link.

  4. T Wong

    Thanks so much for the info here. I have seen food practices in Chinese factories and TRUST me you don’t want to chance it.

    Jameson (sp?) vitamins have pulled ALL their productions out of China – at least for Canada.

    –but the only one left they feel forced to carry is vit c– which led me to my search here


  5. More tainted products, incredible the fleecing of America continues.

  6. Please see the website if you want US made vitamins.

  7. thank you for information.i agree with you.i do not want china products either.

  8. July, 2011
    Doctor’s Best brand has released their new vitamin C products
    sourced from Scotland.

    “Doctor’s Best Vitamin C featuring Quali-C provides a brand of ascorbic acid manufactured in Scotland prized for its quality and reliability.”

  9. Patrick Winters

    I would like a list of all the companies that you have contacted as I’m producing a documentary on the safety of foods sourced from China.

  10. Marshall Woodson

    I produce my own liposomal vitamin C with great benefit. I must use Vit. C as ascorbic acid with no other ingredients. I am happy to have learned about the production in Scotland. At my young age of 85,WW2 Vet = getting old
    :-), I do not trust “made in China”. I am still searching for bulk produced in Scotland ascorbic acid. A 2 pound purchase would be about right considering storage.

    Your help by posting any Guaranteed USA or Candian sources for “not made in China” ascorbic acid powder will be appreciated. I will follow up on already posted suggestions.

    Thanks and appreciation

  11. Can I simply just say what a relief to discover somebody that actually knows what they are discussing online. You certainly understand how to bring an issue to light and make it important. A lot more people must look at this and understand this side of the story. I was surprised you’re not more popular since you most certainly have the gift

    • Aqua Man

      Nowadays China is making many good products.
      Vitamin C purity is easy to control.
      What majority unfortunately do not pay attention (or do not know) is GMO. Problem with China’s vitamin C is that it is made of GMO Corn!

      That is the reason we need alternative, NON-GMO source.

  12. James Brookman

    Getting vitamin C from Scotland is fine. However, 90% of all the other vitamins and minerals are made in China now. It’s not as horrible as it sounds. China learned how to make USP-standard purity nutrients and went after the US market about twenty years ago. Their government played dirty and subsidized the industry so they grossly undercut the US manufacturers and put them out of business. But their nutrients have to pass FDA’s USP standards for purity, where India still can’t make nutrients that pass our standards. From what I understand, the vitamin industry has three more levels of testing beyond FDA’s USP standard to make sure that only pure, clean nutrients are allowed into the USA from China. While I would prefer not to give money to China for political reasons, I have taken a lot of vitamins for 45 years and I’m not going to stop because most of them are made in China. It’s a reality check to know that, but I’m sure that if you took vitamin C from Scotland and tested it you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference with tests of vitamin C from China. They are each 100% ascorbic acid, pure and simple.

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